Common Questions

What is RealBundle?
At RealBundle, we host online sales events of bundled digital products focused on real estate. Each event is a curated collection of courses and training from top influencers, designed to provide valuable insights, know-how, and strategies to help everyone, from beginner to professional.
How will partnering with RealBundle benefit me?
Partnering with RealBundle will expand your reach, boost your credibility, and help you connect with a broader audience who are interested in all things real estate. It also offers opportunities for cross-promotion, networking, and revenue-sharing.
What type of content is RealBundle looking for?
We're seeking high-quality, engaging, and informative training content that covers various aspects of real estate, such as home design, investing, property management, marketing, home staging, or any other relevant topics that can benefit our high-engaged audience.
How will my content be promoted during a RealBundle event?
RealBundle promotes its partners' content through various marketing channels, including social media, email campaigns, and its website. Additionally, each partner in the bundle will also cross-promote the content, resulting in a wider reach.
What are the requirements for partnering in a RealBundle event?
To jump in on a RealBundle event, the first step is to apply. To highlight more what a successful partner looks like, you should be an established influencer or expert in home decor and/or real estate industry with high-quality, relevant content that can provide value to the audience. You must also be willing to collaborate with, contribute to, and promote the bundle event.
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